Welcome to my life.

Welcome to my life.


My name is Lise. I'm living a sort of a double-life. By day I work as a designer and creative director, and by night and weekend, I am slowly (SLOWLY) remodeling a 1950's cinderblock bungalow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  
I share the bungalow with my husband (Adam), my daughter (Delilah), My newborn son (Marcel), 2 dogs, and a cat.

I started this blog to help motivate me to finish all the projects I have started, am planning, and am dreaming about. I thought maybe someone else would be interested in seeing me flail about.

I'm a designer, not an architect, or a contractor. This is about working with what you can get, and not about the exact right way to do things. Oh and did I mention that we have NO money? Watch as I drive my husband insane begging, borrowing, and stealing (not really) to make our little house over one excruciating project at a time. 

To be clear, this is NOT a lifestyle blog. Here's a list of things you aren't going to find on Constructress:

  • A flawless home, or the appearance of one

  • Apologies for said unkept home/hair/clothing/child/husband/face

  • Obviously staged and/or misleading photos.

  • Products that cost more than tuition to a bilingual Montessori preschool

  • The technically correct, best way to do anything

  • Silly stupid wall "art" that says something vaguely inspirational, sentimental, or cutesy like "Live, Laugh, Love"

  • Anything minimalist

  • Objectivity

  • False humilty

However, here are some things you can expect:

  • More curse words than you can shake a fucking stick at

  • Epic fails

  • Taking the easy way out

  • Funny stories about my dogs

  • Thrift store finds

  • The occasional photo of my husband half-naked

  • Me sometimes really nailing it

  • Abandoned projects

  • Craigslist trolling

  • Dumpster diving

  • Cameos from people who have actual skills and talent

  • Probably a dog turd at some point

  • Left-wing libtard propaganda from a stupid entitled snowflake

  • A truly fool-hearty amount of self-confidence




What Have I Done?

What Have I Done?

Succulent Box

Succulent Box